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what?!? no log or trig?!?

no log, no star!! (j/k)

Feature Request

Would like the slide rule to remember its position (calculation) when leaving and returning to it. Would like to be able to rotate to all four orientations. Would like support for full ipad resolution. Please continue compatibility with iOs 3.1.x If I put a value of 4 on B scale under 2 on A scale and look at B scale under 5 on A scale, it does not quite line up to the expected value of 10. Looking forward to these modifications to upgrade my rating to 5 stars. Thank you.

Needs fixing

The D scale is wrong. The spacing after pi is wrong, so the C and D scales cannot line up. Pass this by until it is fixed. Pray for Japan.

How retro!

I installed this mainly for it's inherent irony. I have no idea how it works, well I sorta do just by looking at it, but these predate me. I suspect the missing Trig scales would be on the opposite side of a real one, but that's just a guess. Anyway it is totally cool!

Works great! (needs trig and log scales)

I'm a 20-something engineer, and each year during Engineering Week, my workplace holds a slide rule competition to see who in the office can solve math problems using a slide rule. I like learning useless skills, so I decided to learn how to use a slide rule so I could compete. I found this app last year and it was awesome! It's also a good way to introduce the younger generation to this out-of-date math tool. The only problem I have with this app is that it doesn't include a trig scales or the log scale. Not only would adding those scales improve the quality of the app, but it will also allow me to use the app in the competition (because it always includes trig and log problems). -Jason

Marvelously elegant!

I don't write many reviews, but this app really hits the spot for it's accurate rendition of an elegant device that got us to the moon. When a younger co-worker revealed that he had never seen a slide rule, I pulled out my iPhone to Google it and show him. As I did so, it hit me that this would make for a perfect app, and if there wasn't one, I would have to make one. Well, sure enough, this app recreates that device as I would have, but probably even better. Thanks for taking me back to my junior year in high school when we made the abrupt transition in two of my classes from slide rule the first semester to calculators the next. Well done!

Very Basic

I should have read the entire description more closely. The description says the slide rule is used for multiplication, division, roots, logs and trig functions. I downloaded it and couldn't find the log and trig stuff. My old slide rule flipped over to reveal a second set of scales. I slid the slide out and tried all the iPhone tricks to flip it to get to other scales. The link on the information page (which also mentions trig functions and logs) goes to a Japanese language site. Worthless for anyone who doesn't read Japanese. It wasn't until I re-read the last sentence of the description that I saw that log and trig functions are not included on this slide ruler. Why mention them, then, in the application information? Other than that, the application works as described.

The old slip-stick

About 50 years ago my Uncle Ger taught me how to use the slide rule. 25 years ago I tutored Uncle Ger on the PC (Macs weren't around yet). There is a great deal of aesthetic pleasure in using a slide rule. After all NASA got us to the moon largely using slide rule computation. This is a beautiful and cool app. Use it and see what calculation was like in the old days.

Cool App

Agree with PriRmentndo. Great novelty app. Sort of ironic to have a slide rule on an iPhone. Similar to the Rotary Dialer app ... regarding the irony that is. This app is also pretty cool in that it is a good tool for honing one's skills in the use of a slide rule ... again for novelty sake. Would be nice to have an Instruction Page too. Would also be cool to allow the user to zoom in so as to make it easier to read between graduations, etc.

Fun novelty app

I was just thinking to myself "A slide rule. That would make a fun app." Then, I went to the next "recent apps" page and lo and behold - there's a slide rule!. The app seems to work well enough. I even managed to fling the slide out one end. Maybe a bit too much oil? Anyway, this was worth a buck just for the irony of using then unimagined technology to do 2 x 5 = 10 on a slipstick simulation. edit: Notes, and suggestions: Gets stuck in cropped vertical on launch, sometimes. Only works in one landscape orientation. Smoother animation. Slide moves, slightly, when removing finger.

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